The internet is an amazing place to learn new things. This is especially true with crafting. This site is a repository of step by step tutorials and patterns that are meant to give both guidance and inspiration to help you DIY. It embraces the LEARN – CREATE – SHARE cycle that inspires us to gain new knowledge and conceive new ideas that can be shared with others.

I am a lifetime crafter who specializes in small, easy, and inexpensive projects that I can give to others. I avoid too many details and prefer originality over perfection. Beginning a project is more thrilling than ending a project, so I blog and write tutorials to motivate me to keep my focus.

Specifically, this site provides patterns and tutorials for the Brother Scanncut electronic cutting machine. It is an amazing tool that has endless creative possibilities. The Scanncut is one of many cutting machines on the market for crafters like myself who love the act of creating. Where possible, my projects use unique and recycled materials to bring life to used things.

One of my life goals is to meet as many creative people that I can.  If you are inspired by my creations, please do contact me. I would love to hear from you.

P.S. Most of my designs and tutorials are offered free of charge.  Feel free to use for your non-commercial projects. Commercial use of my patterns and tutorials is not allowed.