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Washi Tape Stickers with Scanncut

Washi tape on its own is wonderful, but washi tape strips cut into shapes is even better.  This tutorial explains how to create a washi tape sticker sheet and how best to get your electronic cutting machine to transform the tape into stickers. There are a few tricks to learn to be successful, so read on and prepare to be inspired!

Note: This is not the best project for beginners.  You should have a good understanding of how to test your blade and cut pressure setting before trying.

Start with a good selection of washi tape. I purchased this package from Michael’s. I believe I paid about $10.00 (with my 1/2 price coupon). You will also want a sticker backing sheet. If you are like me, you have likely have a stack that you have saved through the years from used sticker sheets or Xyron sticker maker machines. They have a waxy coating that’s perfect for our needs.

washi 4

Cut your sticker backing tape to a manageable size. My projects have been small in nature, so I cut my sheet to 6 inches by 9 inches. With the waxy side up, fill your sheet with washi tape.  Make rows that overlap slightly.

washi 1

Trim the edges. This is important because the loose edges can be eaten by your Scanncut. How do I know? Don’t ask. Just know that the fix requires you to unstick the tape from the scanning glass. 😦

Use a brayer to adhere the tape firmly to the backing sheet.

Place the sheet on your cutting mat. I used painter’s tape to make sure the sheet didn’t move during the cutting process.


Adjust your blade and cut pressure settings. Start with the settings that you used previously when cutting stickers or vinyl.  Test on an overlapped portion of the sheet.

I set my blade to 2 and my cut pressure to -1 after testing thoroughly.

Choose a simple shape. This is really important because washi tape is so lightweight and can be easily eaten up. Stickers in general should be simple shapes. This is especially true for washi tape.

I choose my favorite daisy shape with a hole in the middle.

After cutting is complete, carefully weed by removing the negative space. The tape will lift easily from the waxy surface.

washi 2

For best results when peeling from the sheet, peel from the side where the tape rows overlap.

washi peel from side

Here’s what I made with one of my stickers.

washi project.jpg

And this one that I made using the same process. My shape was a simple cake shape. It was used for an invitation. I added a second layer for the text. The text was cut using a large roll of black washi tape.

cake and gossip feature

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