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Scanncut Drawing on Dark Paper

If you haven’t used the Universal Pen Holder, you are missing out on some cool creative opportunities.  I especially like to draw with a white pen on dark paper. It works great for a Mason Jar lid topper. I use my Scanncut to cut out chalkboard Washi tape circle labels and a white Sharpie paint pen to draw lines. It isn’t until I actually use the label that I manually write on the label as I did with my “Chopped Almonds” jar.

Mason Jar Topper
Mason Jar Topper
chalk washi tape
Black Vinyl “Washi” Tape

There are 2 choices for drawing with the Scanncut: the standard Scanncut Pen tool, and the Universal Pen Holder. The standard pen tool is limited to the pens created by Brother. This includes felt tip pens for paper, and air-erasable/water-erasable pens for fabric. The Universal Pen Holder is different. It lets you use your own stash of pens for drawing. The only limitation is the size of the pen. A fat pen won’t fit in the holder. The same is true for something very thin like a number 2 pencil. That said, the holder does adjust to different sizes of pens with a small diameter. If you are like me, you will be disappointed at first by the limitations, but you will soon find a variety of pens that work perfectly.

too bigjust right

Before you use the holder on a project, you will want to experiment. My “OK” results turned to “GOOD” results after I realized the importance of the pen pressure setting. I have the best results when I set the pen pressure to -1 or even -2.  Of course each machine is different.

A Treat for You drawing
Scanncut Canvas Universal Pen Holder. White Oil-Based Sharpie Pen on Black Washi Tape. Draw pressure setting: -1.

For drawing on porous material like black cardstock, the trick again is to find a good white pen that will fit in the holder. The Sharpie paint pens work great on non-porous surfaces, but there are other choices for cardstock. For thick lines, my preference is to put an embossing pen in the universal pen holder and then melt some light-colored embossing powder on top. For thinner lines. choose a white gel pen.

embossing pen
Ranger Perfect Medium Bullet Embossing Pen with Scanncut Universal Pen Holder
white jelly rollpen
White Jelly Roll Pen with Scanncut Universal Pen Holder.

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