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Origami Hacks with Scanncut

Perhaps it’s cheating, but I have begun to experiment using my Scanncut for origami.  Of course, it’s not real origami, but it’s a fun and easy alternative to its low-tech sibling. My first hack is this 3d twin basket hanger. The low-tech version is made with a square sheet of paper, but my Scanncut version uses a circle and perforated fold lines made with Scanncut Canvas. It goes together in minutes and makes a cool everyday gift for a friend. Just add a few Hershey’s Kisses and hang on a door.

(See also the post for the square version of the design titled “Swaying Cubbie”.)

Download the Scanncut .fcm cut file

Scanncut Canvas Screen Print Origami Hanger
Scanncut Canvas Screen Print Origami Hanger


Use double-sided cardstock patterned paper. Cut out using your Scanncut. Place the circle right side up in front of you. Find the middle fold line and fold down the middle.


Unfold. Place wrong side up. Find the diagonal fold lines and fold one at a time to make an X.

Mobile Image

Pinch together to match the circles. Thread string through the holes and tie using a larks head knot.

fold pinch

Scanncut Origami Twin Basket Hanger
Scanncut Origami Twin Basket Hanger



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