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Importing Images for Printing

Scanncut Canvas has a cool image import feature that I really love. Its available to anyone who has purchased the Printable Sticker Starter Kit.

printable sticker starter ket

I used it to make these Mason jar lid toppers.

mason jar2

To use, import an image file (.jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp) into Scanncut Canvas (SNCC) by selecting the Premium tab and then the first icon (paste image). canvas screenprint premium

For my example, I imported this simple apple graphic.

Note: SNCC sees your imported graphic as an object that you can resize, rotate, and align, but it doesn’t know it as something you can cut. 

canvas screenprint premium2

Since my goal was to print and then cut round Mason jar lid toppers, I dragged a circle shape onto the interface and resized to 3.25 inches. Then I aligned it centered with the apple graphic and then grouped the 2 objects. The circle will be the cutting line when I cut it using the direct cut process from my Scanncut machine.

canvas screenprint premium3

I wanted 4 circles, so I duplicated the grouping 4 times.

apple mason jar topperscreenprint

Name and save your design. Click the PDF icon under the Premium tab. This will export your design as a PDF to your computer. Print and then cut out using the Direct Cut method with your Scanncut.

printed and cut

This was a very simple example using a very simple image, but it can do much more. Once you do it a few times and wrap you head around the process, you will come up with other uses for this technique. I hope you find it as fun and useful as I do.

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