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New Years Resolution Key Chain

Running Shoe 2018 Keychain

Bet ya can’t guess my 2018 new years resolution. This 2018 running shoe keychain is made from black shrink plastic. The design has a nifty back ring that easily attaches to a jump ring or keychain ring. My Scanncut cut the shrink plastic perfectly, but it took a bit of testing to get the settings right.  A blade setting of 8 and cut pressure setting of 2 did the trick.

Got the same resolution? Download the free Scanncut .fcm cut file below.

2018 Running Shoe Cut File Download

2018 running shoe screenprint
Scanncut Canvas Screenprint of the 2018 Running Shoe .fcm file
Shrink Plastic 2018 Running Shoe Keychain
Shrink Plastic 2018 Running Shoe Keychain


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