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Welding Shapes in Scanncut Canvas

This quick project will make you a Scanncut Canvas superstar. You will learn how to use the Weld feature while making this cute tag bookmark shape. You will master selecting shapes, sizing, centering, rotating, layering, welding, and subtracting.

Note: You can download the completed cut file here:

Stash Buster Bookmark

bookmark shape final
Learn to use Scanncut Canvas to create this Tag Bookmark

Materials & Resources:

Scanncut Canvas Account
Cardstock-weight patterned paper

Cutfile Instructions

Open Scanncut Canvas and start a new project.

scanncut create new file

Name and save the project file. For the sample below, I named it “Bookmark” and saved it by clicking the Save icon. You can also save by pressing your “S” key.

Open the Basic shapes tab and drag a circle, rounded square, triangle, and rectangle on to the work surface.


Select the Circle and open the Properties panel. Change the size to .5 inches. Use the color picker to give it a color (any color will do).  Set the Line Type to Cutting Line.


Select the Rounded Square and open the Properties Panel.  Change the size to 2 inches. Use the color picker to give it a color (any color will do).  Set the Line Type to Cutting Line.

bookmark-rounded square

For the triangle, set the size to 1.66 inches wide by 1.5 inches tall. Set the color and cutting line.


For the rectangle, uncheck the “Maintain aspect ratio” and set the size to 2 inches wide x 4 inches tall. Set the color and line type like you did for the other shapes.


Move and position the triangle, rounded square, and rectangle like you see in the screenprint below (the circle will be used in a future step).  Make sure all 3 shapes are selected. Click the Edit tab and align Center.

Keep the shapes selected and click the edit tab again. This time, click the Weld icon in the Process Overlap section.

bookmark-arrange and center and weld together

Note that in my example, the shapes are layered with the rectangle on bottom and the triangle on top.

The shapes are now “welded” together. Note that the new shape now matches the color of the triangle (the top layer from the previous step).  This is because the top layer wins. In other words, Scanncut Canvas uses the object in the top layer to determine how the shapes will be welded together.


Click the circle and move it to the top center of the new shape.  If it appears to be below the bookmark shape, use the Order section to position it on top.

bookmark layer order

Select both shapes click the Edit tab. Click Align Center to center the circle. Keep the shapes selected and click the Edit tab again. This time, click the Subtract icon in the Process Overlap section.


The circle is now white. This is because the Subtract function “hollows out” anything that is inside the shape.  Previously there were 2 different layers and 2 different shapes. Now it is a single layer and a single shape.

Click your newly-formed bookmark and note the size. My size is 2 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall. Your sizing may be different depending on how much you overlapped the shapes.  Remember that anything you create in Scanncut Canvas can be resized to meet your needs.


You now have a bookmark shape that you can use for other projects. Great job!

Cutting and Assembling Instructions

Use your preferred method to download the bookmark cut file to your Scanncut. Cut 2 shapes for each bookmark you make. One will be the top and the other will be the bottom. Use your gluestick to glue the front to the back. Add a cute string or ribbon. All done!

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