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Combining Shapes from My Projects in Scanncut Canvas

This tutorial combines the bookmark and 4 petal daisy shapes made in other tutorials to make a bookmark with a daisy in the center. Here we will learn how use the “My Projects” tab in Scanncut Canvas to recall projects created previously. This skill will save you time for future projects and allow you to easily reuse shapes you created yourself or acquired through the Scanncut Canvas homepage or purchased through a 3rd party.

snnc bookmark
Learn to use Scanncut Canvas to make this bookmark project.

Materials & Resources:

Scanncut Canvas Account
Bookmark Cut File (from the Welding Shapes in Scanncut Canvas Tutorial)
Daisy Cut File (from the Scanncut Canvas Subtract Feature)

Cut file Instructions

Open Scanncut Canvas and start a new project.

scanncut create new file

Name and save the project file. For the sample below, I named it “Bookmark Daisy” and saved it by clicking the Save icon. You can also save by pressing your “S” key.

Open the My Projects shapes tab and drag your previously-saved Bookmark and Daisy Shape.

daisy bookmark 2

Select the daisy shape and resize to better match the width of the bookmark shape.  Do this by using the Properties dialog, or by simply clicking the resize handles.

daisy bookmark 3

Tip. When using the resize handles, press and hold the shift key to keep the proportions the same.

Drag the daisy on top of the bookmark. If the Daisy layer is under the Bookmark layer, select the daisy and set it to the top layer. Do this by clicking the Edit tab and clicking the top layer icon.

daisy bookmark layer order\

Tip: You can also move a layer upward by using the Ctrl Shift ] keyboard shortcut.


Select the 2 shapes. Click the Edit tab. Click align center. Keep the shapes selected. Click Edit again and then click the Subtract icon in the Process Overlap section.

daisy bookmark subtract

Note that the blue daisy is now white. This means that the Subtract function did it’s job. It subtracted the Daisy layer and replaced it with a hollow shape. Now the Scanncut will see this as a single shape instead of 2 different shapes.

daisy bookmark after subtract

To complete the project, drag another bookmark shape to the workspace from the “My Projects” tab. Now you have a front and a back for the Daisy Bookmark.

daisy bookmark front back


Cutting and Assembling Instructions

Puzzle Patchwork Bookmark
Make 4 bookmarks using coordinated patterned paper.

Use your prefered method to download the cut file to your Scanncut.


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