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Scanncut Canvas Subtract Feature

This tutorial shows how to create a simple flower shape using Scanncut Canvas. It’s a good foundational project that will give you an overview of how to select, center, and subtract shapes in Scanncut Canvas.  The end result will be a cute daisy with a hole in the middle. The empty hole is a simple example of how the Subtract feature works. Understanding this useful feature will help you maximize the design possibilities in Scanncut Canvas. The step-by-step tutorial follows.


Create a new project in Scanncut Canvas.

scanncut create new file

Name and save the project. I named mine “4 Petal Flower”. This will save the shape to your “My Projects” section of Scanncut Canvas.


Open the Basic shape tab and drag the 4 petal daisy shape to the work surface


Highlight the shape and open the Properties dialog box by clicking the Show Properties icon. Leave the Size and Angle as-is. Use the color-picker to change the color to the color of your choice. Remember that the color you select is only to help you visualize your finished project. It isn’t actually used by the Scanncut.


Drag the circle shape to the work surface. Open the Properties dialog box. Change the size to 1 inch x 1 inch. Use the color picker to select a color. When finished, the flower will have a hollow center. We are setting a color only to better understand how the subtract feature works.


Select both shapes. Click the Edit tab and select Align Center. This will center the shapes horizontally. Click the edit tab again and select Align Middle. This will center the shapes vertically.


The circle should now be centered on top of the daisy.


We now have a circle shape centered on top of the daisy shape. It looks to us like a cute little flower, but the software sees it as two separate shapes. We want the software to see it as a single shape, so we need to take things a step further.  Make sure the shapes are selected. Now click the Edit tab again. This time click the Subtract icon in the “Process Overlap” section.


Note that the circle is now white. This tells us that our task was successful.  The software now sees it as a single shape.  We now have a shape that can be used for a variety of projects.


Save the file.


Remember that a Scanncut shape can be resized, rotated, and skewed. To use it in future projects, select the “My Projects” tab in scanncut Canvas.


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