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Puzzle Patchwork Cards

Mix and match patterned cardstock to create these bright daisy cards. For my sample, I cut the design on 4 coordinated sheets. After cutting, take the shapes apart and put back together like a puzzle, mixing the patterns as you desire. Turn over and add tape to secure. Then, adhere the shape to a folded card using glue or double-sided tape.

Download Puzzle Patchwork Flower file

Puzzle Patchwork Scanncut Canvas Screenprint
Screenprint from Scanncut Canvas showing the design.
Puzzle Patchwork designs
After cutting, mix and match patterns as desired.
taped from back
Flip design over and tape from back to secure

If you prefer to create your own design, see my Scanncut Canvas tutorials.

alternate design idea.
Alternate design idea. Sentiment was created using the Scanncut drawing function with the red pen.
Puzzle Patchwork Card
Puzzle Patchwork Cards


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