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Swaying Cubbie

Use your Scanncut to create this cool origami hanger using patterned scrapbook paper. This 3 dimensional piece can be made in minutes. Make it bright and bold or light and airy. Add some treats and hang it on a neighbor’s door knob, or make several and hang from a tree. The possibilities are endless. Download the Scanncut .fcm file via the .zip file below.  Folding instructions are detailed below.

Scanncut Swaying Cubbie .fcm cut file


hanging luminaries


swaying cubbie square screenprint
Scanncut Canvas Screenprint

Note that the cut file is a square with a perforated fold line down the center and two more perforated fold lines that form an X.  After cutting, remove from the mat and lay the sheet right side up. Fold along the centerline. Turn the sheet over with wrong side up. Fold diagonally along the lines that form an X.

swaying cubbie square foldedPick up your folded square and squeeze together to line up the holes.

swaying cubbie square match circle cutouts

Thread a string or ribbon through the holes and tie a larks head or overhand knot to create the hanger and secure the piece together.

This project can also be easily made without a cutting machine. For complete instructions, visit my instruction sheet on

swaying cubby group



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