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Printed Baggies with Scanncut

Scanncut Message Baggie

Use a Sharpie and the universal pen tool to draw a message on a baggie. This is an easy task that transforms the everyday baggie into something kinda special.

It took some experimentation with the universal pen holder tool to get the results I desired. The trick is to makes sure the Scanncut settings are set correctly. I’ll cover that in the text that follows. The other trick is to use a water-based Sharpie Paint pen with an extra fine point. That’s the kind that will fit into the universal pen holder. I’m not sure how a traditional Sharpie pen will work. If you try this with other pens, please report back with your results.

Be warned that every machine is different, so no guarantees that this will work for you. Do it at your own risk.

How to Print a Message Baggie

Create the paper to go inside the baggie.

  1. Measure your Baggie. Mine measured 6 1/2 inches wide by 6 inches tall.
  2. In Scanncut Canvas, drag a rounded square into your work surface and resize to a bit smaller than your baggie. I set mine to 6.39 x 5.9. Set the line type to “Cutting Line”.
  3. Set an inward offset to 0.2 inches. Select the inward offset and set the properties to a dotted line. Set the line type to “Drawing Line”.
  4. Save and download the cut file into your Scanncut.
  5. Cut using your desired cardstock. I used brown paper bag cardstock.
  6. Draw the dotted line using your desired drawing pen. I used a white Sharpie marker with the universal pen holder.

Create the Message Baggie

  1. In Scanncut Canvas, use the paper cut file created in the previous step to determine the size for your message.
  2. Use the font of your choice to create your message. I used the US Roman font.
  3. Save and download the cut file into your Scanncut.
  4. Install the Sharpie and universal pen tool.
  5. Update the draw settings based on your experimentation. I found that a -1 draw pressure worked perfectly (see my screenprint below).
  6. Place the baggie on your cutting mat. I used blue painters tape to make sure it stayed down. Test to make sure your baggie clears the rollers. Again, do this at you own risk.
  7. Print your message. Well done. Like my message baggie says, “You’re Fabulous!”



Message Baggie Cutting Mat Photo
Finished result after Scanncut drawing is complete.
Scanncut Message Baggie
You’re Fabulous – Scanncut Printed Message Baggie with my famous Chocolate Chip cookies inside. Yum.


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